Hiding custom fields + figuring out how to populate other fields when creating new issues


I've been spinning my wheels trying to figure out what seems should be very basic things. I've read through the documentation, but can't seem to figure it out/get it working.

1) Some default fields don't apply to our project and I would like to "hide" them from view upon creating a new issue. (I don't want to necessarily delete them b/c maybe there's value in using them down the line as our business matures.) However, when I go to create the new issue, the fields keep displaying.

Compare attachments and notice how I have set the fields to "hide," but yet they continue to appear when I create a new issue.

Are these required fields that I can't hide from view no matter what the settings are?

2) I can't figure out how to populate certain fields with selections from which users can choose when creating new issues.

For example, I am trying to populate the "subsystem" pulldown with some selections. I tried two things.

First, I created a new bundle in the "Enumerations" tab and labeled it "subsystem." I added my two values. I can't figure out how to put that newly created bundle "into use" (see attached).

Secondly, I went to the "Subsystems" tab and populated the "Subsystems" bundle with the couple addt'l values (see attached).  However, when I go to create a new issue and click on "subsystems" field, I don't see my values from which I can choose (see attached).

Sorry if I am not tracking. I must admit that I find some of this setup/administration stuff rather confusing. However, once you get it all set up the way you want, creating issues is soooo user friendly.

Thanks for any help in pointing me to the right direction!




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