Converting wiki markup to HTML

I am currently using the Rest API to display some tickets on an external website that can be viewed by customers. I am currently using a wiki-to-html parser to change the formatting which works for most of the markup but not all of it and was wondering if there is a parser that has been designed to convert the youtrack wiki markup to HMTL
Hello, Kit!
You can use parameter wikifyDescription=true in query, in this case issue description and comment text can will be returned to you in HTML. This parameter can be used with all requests, that return issue or its comments.
If you have any more questions - feel free to ask!
Thanks Anna, that worked great
Is there something similar for Issue.Description when using the REST API?
I know this was an older message, but I'm trying to do this and still having problems.  I'm using the YouTrackSharp library using the GetIssuesBySearch method.  I tried changing the call to:

_connection.Get<MultipleIssueWrapper, Issue>(string.Format("project/issues?filter={0}&max={1}&after={2}&wikifyDescription=true", encodedQuery, max, start));

But that didn't affect the descriptions at all.  Is there some other way (or correct way) to do this?

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