Can't create projects

I just purchased YouTrack a couple of days ago, and I'm trying to get the basic setup completed. However, I'm having a problem creating projects. I did manage to do so once, right after I got it installed, but now it won't let me create any more (and I actually deleted that first one).

Basically, I fill in the Create New Project form and hit Create, and I get this error:

Can't use empty null value text

See attached screen shot for details.

What does YouTrack want me to provide? In the image, the Description field is empty, but I get the same result if I fill it in, and it's not required in any case. I've tried doing this with my own user (which has admin abilities) and with the root user, both with the same result. Finally, I've tweaked the values, for example, used a different name or ID. I just can't get it to work.

Oh, and I restarted the YouTrack application service.

Environment: YouTrack 4.1.3 running on Windows Server 2008, installed using the recommended method. I'm using the application from Safari 6.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.7.5.

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 18.51.00.png
Hello, Bob!
Did you changed anything in Custom Fields settings? Or could you just provide a screenshot with Custom Fields page?
You may be on to something... I've actually defined several custom fields. The docs around that are a bit nebulous, so I very well may have done something wonky. As requested, I've attached a screen shot showing the list; it's not the entire list, but all the ones that are off-screen toward the beginning of the list are the ones that are pre-defined, and I didn't touch those.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 08.51.34.png
It looks like YouTrack bug. There are several auto-attached fields in your list. Problem must be with one of those, because they are attached to project when in is created. Did you unchecked "Can be empty" checkbox for any of them?
I didn't think I had, but I wasn't sure. So I stepped through the create/edit process for each of the enum-type fields. In all cases, the checkbox was checked, and I did nothing but click Next to move through the process before finally hitting Save at the end. Now, I can create projects. I'm glad that fixed it, but I'd feel better having a specific cause to blame....

Either way, thanks for the help.

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