Layout of custom fields on create-issue page

I have several custom fields set up to collect various bits of information required by our development processes. The problem is, the way these fields are laid out by default on the Create Issue page is rather ugly and unusable. See screen shot:

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 09.52.18.png

Is there a way to get YouTrack to lay these out a little more intelligently? At the very least, I'd like to wrap to secondary (or tertiary, or..., as needed) rows.

Closely related is how the fields display on the View Issue page. Some of our fields have more than just a word or two in them - they have prose-style text or code snippets. The view page, however, is obviously optimized for those one- or two-word values, leaving longer values to wrap at a word or two per line, making them really hard to read. It'd be nice if I could select certain fields for displaying in the main area of the page as full-width.

So far, I've not seen a way to customize these pages, but I could easily be missing something with only a couple days' experience under my belt. Any tips?
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Hello, Bob!
Here is currently no way to move custom fields to come other place on issue view. We have issue about creating special CF type for text - Feel free to vote for it!
What about new issue and edit issue layout - we are currently developing new issue design, with solves your problem as well.

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