Can not logon

I setup teamcity and youtrack on same machine, as here http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/YTD4/FAQ#FAQ-HowdoIgetYouTrackrunningonthesamemachineasTeamCity%3F they said.

But now I can't logon to youtrac:
at first I set root password and root link. after browser is restarted I go to http://pserver2:8100/youtrack, they redirect me to login page http://pserver2:8100/youtrack/login, but when I try to login on root account server reditect me to login page again. I tried remove youtrack database (teamsysdata), but it does not help me.
Any suggestions?

Ha! It's browser-specific problem. On IE it works, but on Chrome i get infinity loop of login form. but if I uncheck "Remember me" checkbox I can't logon on IE too.


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