Burndown chart - remaining work estimates at a given date

On our daily scrum meeting we update estimations for each task
so the numbers show amount of work still remaining for the task.
Thus in our team burndown chart helps us to check amount of remaining work and out velocity.

It would be great if the Youtrack chart could work the same way,
using the historical data to find out
how much remaining work was supposed at any given date

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Hello Bartłomiej,

You can find out this data at "History" tab in each task.
Burndown chart displays progress for the whole project, not for each task separately.

I would like to suggest you to describe how are your "Time Tracking" and "Estimation" options configured, and we will find the best way of using them.
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Thank you for your response.
We have disabled the Time Tracking option. As Estimation we used priod Estimation field, now we use an integer Estimation field.

Scenario I have in my mind is like that:

  • At the start of sprint we have had tasks summing up to 180 hours (thus burndown chart starts with 180).
  • One day I started work on task which was estimated as 13 hours task.
  • At the beginning of the next day (during our daily scrum meeting) I estimated it will take 8 hours, still, as a part of it is done. After changing estimate for the task the whole burndown chart starts now from 177 hours.

The situation could repeat so after few days we have burndown chart starting from 140 and the "ideal" line is much more flat then on the beginning of the sprint, what is a little bit misleading.

On the other hand - if we have tasks in progress and don't change estimates,
we would have correct left side of the chart, but the chart is not exactly telling us how much work is remaining right now - really important information.

Bartek Jurkiewicz

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