Get Gateway Timeout after updating to youtrack-4.2

Hi list,

today i updated my youtrack instance from 4.1.3 to 4.2 (j2ee container). Youtrack used to run quite well until this update. Now I get "504 Gateway Time-out"-Errors quite often. If I restart Tomcat sometimes i make to the dashboard. But as soon as i try to show some issues i get the same error.

Is this already a known issue or can I get around this behaviour in some way?

Any hints are welcome :-)

Best regards,
Unfortunately simply revert to 4.1.3 results in a "downgrade error", so i have to rollback to an older db backup.
Any hints available on this?
I even cannot use a db backup.
Hello Tilman,

Could you please provide us with your YouTrack logs? YouTrack logs are written in several files, the main of which is youtrack.log. YouTrack logs are located in the <USER_HOME>/.youtrack/logs directory.

You can attach logs here in forum or send us request with attaced logs to

Also, please note that downgrade is not available in YouTrack.

Waiting for your log files.
Hello Andrey,

thanks for your reply and sorry for my delayed answer.
I tried to recover database from backup and get the following error:
java.lang.RuntimeException: Your database was touched by YouTrack build 5891. Downgrade is denied, please restore your database from backup.


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