How to autoassign new tickets

Right now I'm the only person handling tickets in my YouTrack inCloud account.

I'de like:

1. to have all new tickets assigned to me.
2. Even better, when in the future other people will start handling tickets, I'd like to have them assigned automatically to the first available person.
I know I could do that with workflows, but I've never managed to get how they work.
For the first case I think I don't need a workflow, but just some Administration settings I'm missing: am I right?
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Hello Andrea,

Sorry for the dealy with the answer.
1. You can set the default value for the "Assignee" field. In this case all newly created issues will be assigned to you. Also, as you've said, you can create a workflow (bonus of this variant is that you can assign issues to project lead. You don't need to change the workflow if lead changes).
2. What is the createria of "available person" ?

Thank you.
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Hi Andrey.

Yes, after a couple of days I've noticed I could set a default Assignee per project.

As for the criteria for the "first available person" would be the person with less (or no) assigned tickets.
However, now I've installed the Workflow editor and I think I'll give it a try: I must study a bit how to code workflows, but I think I can manage.
In case I'll ask some help again.

Thank you again.

P.S.: definitely, there are issues with this forum notifications. My post are automatically starred and my forum account is set to send any sort of notification, but I didn't get any.

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