New issue screen - set read-only attributes based on some issue type

I just saw on new issue screen that once you select "Feature" issue type, some of the fields get locked and preset (they are no longer clickable to edit).

How do you accomplish this? Can you show/hide fields on the new issue form based on issue type? how about based on the logged in user's group memberships?

I know there's private/public fields, but I'm asking for further control than just private vs public.

thank you!
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Hello Diego,

Sorry for the delay with the reply.

Unfortunately, defining based on issue type is not available in YouTrack. As a reporter on our public , you are not able to set i.e. "State" field.
So, all configuration was accomplished with roles and groups and its permissions.

If you have any questions, please contact us, we'll be hapy to help.

Thank you.

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