Different email senders for different projects

I'd like to set different email addresses sender for notifications.
This would be a per-project email address.

For instance, lets say that I've "Project1" and "Project2" bound to two different domains: "project1.tld" and "project2.tld".

Mail notifications related to Project1 must be sent by "tickets@project1.tld", while mails related to Project2 must be sent by "tickets@project2.tld".
This to keep consistency with email addresses, as YouTrack is already set to handle incoming messages from these two distinct email addresses.
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Hello Andrea,

There is no such availability to set different emails for different projects.
But as far as I understand you, to reach your goal, you can create different users for  yourself with different addresses- for "user1" notifications for "Project1" would be sent, for "user2" notifications for "Project2" would be sent.

Feel free to contact us if have any questions, will be happy to help.
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Thank you Andrey: this makes definitely sense!

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