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What's the status of JetBrains Jabber server?
How I'm supposed to configure my YouTrack account in order to send notifications to users?
Or if I have to use my own server, what I'm supposed to do?
I want to send notification from a dummy/no-reply email account (Google Apps account), or even bettter, from a per-project account (but I suppose this isn't possible).
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Hello Andrea,

Your case is clear.
But unfortunately, there is now workaround for now. We have our own YouTrack jabber account by default and it's impossible to configure it with the other one.

What's the case when you'd like to use your own jabber acount?

Thank you.
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Hello Andrey.
I've already answered you by email, but just for reference, I'll answer here as well.

I don't mind using YouTrack jabber account: I just want to make it work and apparently the issue is on missing SRV records on my side.
I'll work to it and if I still have issues, I'll create a new thread.

Thank you.

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