Message about "message body reader for Java type" after uploading workflows

I've just started receiving an error in the workflow editor after I uploaded my workflows. As far as I can tell, everything seems to be working save for the odd error. Here's the text:

Upload workflows
A message body reader for Java type, class jetbrains.youtrack.workflow.rpc.ErrorBean, and MIME media type, text/html, was not found

Right before it started, I did try to add some simple HTML to an assert message string, as in:

assert <condition>: "message"

That's when it started. The uploads were succeeding, but the text wasn't displaying rendered, so I simply removed the HTML again. However, the error remains. Did my bumbling with the HTML cause this? And if so, how do I get rid of the error?
I just tried deleting the workflow I was editing and recreating it, and that had no effect. I did, however, copy-and-paste the content.
Okay, and I tried simply deleting the workflow I was editing, and even that didn't do the trick. :-/
Hi Bob,

are you still experiencing this problem? Please check that all workflows and rules have not empty names and all rules haven't red code.
I was still experiencing it, but based on your comment, I went through all of the workflow rules and checked for errors. I did find one where there was a syntax error, I fixed it, and the problem went away.


BTW, highlighting rules in the list that have errors would be very helpful in cases like this.

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