Subtask as swimlane

Is there any way I can force a subtask to be a swimlane?  I have two project - a high level project large-scope items, and a developer project with more detailed items. The Developer project items are subtask of the high level items.  On my developer board, I want some of these items to be swimlanes. But they cannot, since they are subtasks.
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Hi Kevin,

If I understand you right, the following might work for you:
  • create custom field of type version[*]
  • attach it to both projects
  • go to Agile board Settings
  • in board fields choose custom version that you created
  • choose saved search to find low level tasks
  • create new common sprint for these two projects
  • specify your swimlanes (for example, features)

After doing this, you will be able to add tasks from low-level project from backlog to swimlanes from high-level project. Sorry, that the solution is not too elegant. We will enhance our Agile board soon. Please contact us, if any further help is needed


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