FROM/ReplyTo to depend on Email Integration Rule or at least Project


We are trying to implement YouTrack in our organization and it's one of the stumbling blocks. We actually purchased Unlimited user license last year.

Youtrack provides very nice workflow:
  1. A user sends an email to a specialized email address.
  2. Youtrack creates a new issue out of the email and notifies user.
  3. Support personnel replies to the issue inside Youtrack
  4. User gets email about it.
  5. If we set up FROM address in Admin/Settings/Email to be the same as the rule in Admin/Email Integration/Rules that allows creating a new issue in 2 above, this makes it possible for the user not to go to Youtrack to post a comment on the issue, but simply reply to the email. Out of that reply Youtrack will create a comment to the said issue.

This workflow would suite our company perfectly if not for one major flaw.

We have several clients, several support email addresses, one codebase for all clients. So it does make sense for us to keep one Youtrack implementation but keep different clients in different projects so that they don't stumble into one another's issues.

The problem with Youtrack's email workflow is in fact that for the entire email integration it allows setting only one email address as FROM address.

This completely breaks the workflow for us.
  1. If we set the FROM = support1 email, support1 works well, but replies to support2, instead of comments to original issues, generates new issues in support1 project.
  2. If we set FROM to a 3rd address, users' replies simply bounce.

It seams like a design flaw in the whole email integration scheme.

I already posted my comment in but I fear this issue is simply ignored.
We paid for the unlimited user license just a couple of months back and I was hoping that we would be able to resolve this problem and start using this otherwise pretty awesome product.

If "From" field is a problem from the point of view of the address being marked as spammer or something like that, we could live with "ReplyTo" address being different for each rule in Mail Settings or project.
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Hello Michael,

I hate to break it to you, but currently we are not able to implement this feature.
We are going to resolve this one in nearest future, I believe, it will be included in our next huge release (June, current year).

Thank you for your passion about YouTrack.
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Thanks for the reply, Andrey. I think I covered this problem temporarily: wrote a SMTP proxy server in Python. Review each outgoing email and inject "Reply-to" address per project.

In the course of doing that discovered this bug:

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