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I would like to filter issues by created or updated within a week but not from monday-sunday but wednesday-wednesday. Manually I can do it with custom period but I'd like to create a saved search for this and then the dates should be dynamic. The last week and this week doesn't fit my needs because starting day cannot be specified. Period search seems to support only fixed dates. Can this be accomplished or do I have to manually reedit search after activation every time?

Thanks in advance,
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Hello Kalle,

Unfortunately, there is no evident way to implement such query.
But as a way around, it's pssible to set markers on issues. Then, create a workflow, which will point any changes that took place with the issue. After that, you will be able to create a search query by these markers.   

Thank you and feel free to contact us, if have any additional questions, we'll be happy to help.
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What do you mean by markers? Tags, custom fields or something else?

Btw. do you have any consideration to implement dynamic range? Is there any feature request or issue for that?

BR, Kalle
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Hi Kalle,

Unfortunately, we have no plans for implementation of this feature, but it may be considered.

Yes, for this workaround you have to create 3 custom fields, let's say "Match", "Last", "New".
I'll describe the workflow scenario with these fields.  
Filtering by "Last" field will allow you to view all issues, created for the last week.
Filtering by "New" field will allow you to view all issues, created in period from end date of the particular week till current date. For example, if the week was difined as the period from Wednesday past week till Wednesday this week, and current date is Friday, then filtering by "New" field will display issues from Wednesday this week till current date (friday).
Finaly, "Match" field is the field witch will have two values- True and False. Issues will be marked as True, if they are suited the actual week period, and False, when they don't.

The workaround is not so evident, but it reaches the goal. If you have any additional questions, you are welcome to ask them here.

Thank you.
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Ok, thanks. I might stick changing filter manually for now :)

-- Kalle
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You are welcome.
You can contact us, if have some troubles with this, we'll help.

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