Manually link GIT commits to issues

Hi, we are planning to roll out Youtrack very soon. Have a script to transition all our issues into it. But one question remains: GIT history.

Currently GIT integration is done via TeamCity. And that's fine, although not ideal. Problem is in our all issue tracking system issue links were done slightly differently: issue id was a numeric value, like *12345*. In Youtrack we kept those values, but they are prefixed with project name: *project-12345*. And thus GIT commits are not picked up by the TeamCity when I view code changes for an issue.

Is there a way to manually link old GIT commits with Youtrack issues?
  • Something like API to edit commit comments in TeamCity so that issue IDs would be corrected to project-12345 format or something similar?
  • Going forward this of course is not going to be a problem
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Hello Michael,

Thank you for choosing YouTrack.
Unfortunately, we have no workaround for this. Such method is not implemented yet.

Thank you.

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