Estimation and Time spend in only hours

Hello there

My team always use hours as estimation and spend time spans (40h or 400h), and the default display method of time in Youtrack (1w2h or 10w) is only making i more difficult.
Is it possible to switch to using an integer for these fields or changing the rendering of periods?

Best regards
Emil Ingerslev
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Hi Emil,

Sadly, I should say that this configuration is permanent. So, currently, it's not possible to display work items in hours.
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Hi Emil,

In fact  you can create for the project (Administation-> choose project -> Fields)
a new custom Field of integer type and then use the newly created field
in settings of Agile Board as an "Estimation field".

It works for us :)

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Thank you for this custom workaround.
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Hi guys!

I just wanted to inform you my team has the same problem as Emil and it would be a great addition for us to be able to see both estimation and reported hours as "plain" hours, not strange weeks and alike conversions.

If it would be possible to set "Hours in a day" to either 0 or a very large number, I guess this would do it... ;)

The custom workaround is interesting, but it does not play well with the other fields and other parts of the system.

Thanks, keep up the good work!
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I'd also like to see the possibility of estimation by abstract amounts e.g. "Story Points" - I know you can do this with custom fields, but as Tobias implies, this kind of workaround doesn't really provide a full implementation

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