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I'm installing youtrack on linux machine under apache+mod_proxy.
Everything works okay except that I want to run youtrack under subdirectory (
I've tried rewriting urls with apache, but with problems (images, js, xjqr are pointing to root)

Is there any way to set youtrack subdirectory in cofiguration?
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Hello Ostin,

These settings can be configured only from your side, on your server.
Please note, that custom domain option is available from Administartion area only for YouTrack InCloud version.

But, I assume that we can direct you in the right way, if you can provide us with your configuration details.

Thank you.
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I have the same question. This is what I am doing for jira

ProxyRequests       Off
ProxyPreserveHost On
ProxyPass           /jira       http://localhost:8080/jira
ProxyPassReverse    /jira       http://localhost:8080/jira

Youtrack runs on port 8081. I am trying to proxy it into youtrack subfolder as described here.

ProxyRequests       Off
#ProxyPreserveHost On

ProxyPass /youtrack/ http://localhost:8081/
ProxyHTMLURLMap http://localhost:8081 /youtrack

<Location /youtrack/>
  ProxyPassReverse  http://localhost:8081/
  SetOutputFilter proxy-html
  ProxyHTMLURLMap /          /youtrack/
  ProxyHTMLURLMap /youtrack      /youtrack


When I visit I am getting redirected to .

How can I run it as  ?

Thank you.

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