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How can I change the password for the original admin account that created an InCloud instance of YouTrack? There appears to be two "original" admin accounts, the username we specified (isd196-admin) and root. We have recently migrated our database to a download, locally hosted copy of YouTrack which I think relates.

When trying to change the password when logged in as the original admin, it doesn't like the Existing Password. However, when I change that accounts password when logged in as another admin it works (because it doesn't ask for an existing password).

Now we have two working "original" admin logins. The root account uses the new password while the username we specified (isd196-admin) uses the old. Thoughts? Thanks
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Hi Ryan,

Sorry for not responding earlier.

There are two ways to reset YouTrack root password: we can do it from our side, or you can do it yourself from YouTrack login form- type "root" in "Login or Email" field and click "Forgot your password" button. Email with reset password link will be sent to address, with which your root user was registered.
Speaking of another user with admin permissions, as far as I understand, you was wondering why there are two admins. Am I correct?
It's possible to give admin permissions to any common user. If you are not satisfied with this (if permissions were given to a user by mistake), you can disable some of them or assign another role. This may be done under another admin (root user in your case).
Also, if you have two users with all permissions, you can change credentials of each other from Administration area-> Users-> choose user-> Profile. Please note, that login for root user, which is word "root" is immutable, it's not possible to set another login for root user.

Thank you.
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Using the password recovery e-mail worked to reset the other account password.

Just to note, the two "original admin" accounts appear as one under the Users section. It's like InCloud YouTrack originally setup the root account with an alias that we defined. Not sure if that would be the same case when setting up a new YouTrack instance on the download, locally hosted edition. In either case, it's working correctly now. Thanks!

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