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I'm trying to find issues that are assigned and either don't have a value for the Verified field or have been updated in the last couple of weeks. Something like this:

    (has -Verified OR updated in last two weeks) and has Assignee

I first tried this:

    has:-verified or updated:{this week},{last week} has:Assignee

but didn't work. So, I thought I'd try explicitly grouping my terms using parentheses:

    (has:-verified or updated:{this week},{last week}) has:Assignee

Also not right. The UI even suggests that the '(has:-verified' part is used as a text search term, since it doesn't get underlined. That said, YouTrack shows a "Did you mean..." box on the results page, with the only difference being an added space before the closing parentheses; the variant runs fine but doesn't change the results. The docs don't mention parentheses, so I'm not sure if they're supported.

Finally, I tried this:

    has:Assignee has:-verified or updated:{this week},{last week}

which is the same as my first query, but moves the Assignee term to the beginning. This produces yet another list, but still not right.

So, what's the correct way to do this?

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