workflow for blocking estimation updates


I have created a few workflows, their a bit of a higgledy piggledy to write - mostly because the ide is a PITA that is trying to hard to control (cannot even copy all and paste! oh la la)

However, i have one specific problem with trying to add a workflow that would block modifications to the Estimation for a Parent task.

We have a Parent task for most projects, and it has dependent subtasks or relations. We like the fact the parent task Estimation is automatically calculated from the Children - However, if someone accidentally touches the estimation field on the parent it disables the functionality and we have found no way to restore it.

Thus, i wanted to create a workflow that would block changes to Estimation field when the issue has children, or if it had a tag we created called "ProjectParent".

The workflow kind of works, but when you want to edit the estimation for any subtask it is also being caught, i can only imagine because the youtrack is raising up the event to the parent which is the one that triggers the condition to be met and blocks the change. The lack of documentation and not being able to find any other workflows with similar behavior leads me to this forum.

Example of my problem workflow is here -> http://screencast.com/t/01sFTnsb & here http://screencast.com/t/EYNTQX0rZnF

Many thanks in advance for your support!!!


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