mailbox integration keep creating new issues

This post is to guest user, who asked about problems with mailbox integration. Sadly, original thread was removed because of issue on our forum, so I've duplicate question and my last answer here.

Hello, I got a major issue with my youtrack installation.

The mailbox integration keeps creating new issues with old mails.

It started after receiving an out of office reply (I didn't setup the option to discard this), I then adjusted settings in hope it will fix the issue.

Issue not being fixed, I deleted and recreated the whole mailbox integration settings (which obviously would recreate the issues).

Also, despite I have a single filter setup associated with a project, issues keep being created in another project (I had two filters at some point in time).

Any idea how I can investigate what is wrong with my settings or if there is something left which doesn't show on the "mailbox integration" admin screen?

If possible, can someone describe what is the underlying logic to identify if a mail has already been processed?

Is there any way to match the pattern to the email subject? There is rarely any consistency in the automatic reply body, but the subject usually contains "Automatic reply:" which is easier to filter on.

I couldn't restore the full thread with answers, so the original and the last questions are here.
Reply to last question:

We have a task for that , please leave comments and votes.
Currently, this option is not implemented.

Thank you.
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Thanks, I initially posted this.

Regarding the issues keeping being created, which I haven't solved, would it be possible to upload the database to your support? (I'll need some instruction on how to prepare properly such package).
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Yes, you are welcome to upload your database to our ftp ( For that, you have to naviagate to Administration->Database backup and configure your backup settings. By default bacup stores in <USER_HOME>/teamsysdata-backup. Here is the detailed reference .
But, I'm not sure I undestand you correctly- would you like us to delete issues that were created before applying Text patterns?

Thank you.
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Hello Andrey, interacting with support (JT-19988) result on the issue being fixed (post processing rule was failing).

I'm looking for recommendations if you have any on how to get rid of issues created within a date range, it seems the delete command is caped to not being issuable on more than 1500, but it will still refuse to delete the 1500 first matching ones:

is there a way I can restrict the search results to 1500 so I can select all and apply delete to those?

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