Get Star state via Python API

We're using YouTrack 4.2.2 hosted by JetBrains. We wrote a subversion commit hook using the YT Python SDK that changes the state of issues and propagates the svn commit comments to the YT issue.

When the comment is added, YT also sets the Star tag for the issue. (I realize that we can disable this behavior per user, but developers actually want to be notified of issues they comment on manually, but not issues that the SVN commit hook comments on.)

Ideally, I could pass a "NoAutoStar" parameter to the youtrack.executeCommand Python API function. But as a work-around, I'd be happy to get and set the star state during the commit hook.

The trouble is, I can't figure out how to GET the star tag for a particular user since the youtrack.getIssue function doesn't seem to take a run_as parameter like the youtrack.executeCommand does.

Any ideas?

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