massive notifications spike


I renamed a project as well as it's prefix (ID) today which appears to have caused a massive e-mail notifications spike.  The project has approx 6k issues.  Users do have saved searches setup with notifications.  We use Amazon SES to send mails and this caused us to go over our quota (10k per day).  Can someone explain to me what caused this and how in the future I might avoid it?

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Hello Jerry,

That's strange. Could you please, provide us with the screenshot of that notification? On which action it was sent?

Thank you.
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mystery solved:
[6:38:24 AM] Jerry Hoffmeister: Hey Uday - did you get a very large number of notifications yesterday or did one of your team (a bunch of you)?  Can you forward some of them to me?
[6:39:18 AM] Uday Kumar: yes one of team member changed
[6:39:30 AM] Uday Kumar: alll the old tickets Business to ReachExtension
[6:40:27 AM] Jerry Hoffmeister: ah...
[6:40:30 AM] Jerry Hoffmeister: with a command?
[6:40:30 AM] Uday Kumar: now that there are two values for Buisines = Reach Extension, Direct
[6:40:42 AM] Uday Kumar: so wanted to keep the old ones tagged
[6:40:43 AM] Jerry Hoffmeister: next time, use silent apply.
[6:40:46 AM] Uday Kumar: yes, command
[6:40:52 AM | Edited 6:41:04 AM] Uday Kumar: how to silent apply?
[6:40:56 AM] Jerry Hoffmeister: that explains it...
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Glad to hear it's solved.

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