How to restrict the values for the Fix versions field

I am trying to figure out how to control the versions that show up in the "Fix versions" field. Currently when i release a Sprint/Version, it still shows up in the list of "Fix versions". I only want it to appear in the list of "Affected versions" and not "Fix versions" since technically i should not be setting a "released" version as the "Fix version" for an issue.
Currently the only way that field gets updated is if i "archive" the version, however in that case, i can't even see it in the "Affected versions" field.
So how do i configure the Project so that it only displays non released versions in the "Fix versions" field.
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Hi Dashrak,

I beleive, implementation of this similar feature will help you to recognise unreleased versions. Please leave comments and votes.
Unfortunately, we cannot fully satisfy your request, becuase in your case all issues that should be fixed in previous versions of your product will become impossible.

Currently, I recommend you to mark released versions manually, to make it clear for your users. For example, released versions will be marked in red.

Thank you.

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