Why the alert "maintenance is in progress"?

Our users are often seeing this error message, however we do not have any maintenance going on as far as I know of. What triggers this message to show?


This message appears if user tries to make write action while youtrack backup is in progress, because backup process turns database into read only state.
I'd suggest you to change backup schedule.
Hello Steven,

As far as I understand, you use a YouTrack Stand-alone. Could you please clarify what version do you use and how it was installed, how many users and issues you have (approximate number would be acceptable)?
Please, provide us with log files (user_home/.youtrack/logs. If it's installed under other server, then YouTrack logs are located in server logs directory). It's possible to attach it to the thread or send us to youtrack-feedback@jetbrains.com

Thank you.
It looks to be the database backups, for some reason we were running them at 9:00 am instead of during a time of low activity. I pushed it to 1:00 am and will report back if we continue to see the error.

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