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We are using you track for 4 months and we found it very usfull!

One thing i would like to know is if it's possible to clone a project ?

I want to create a template project with issues and agile and when i have a new project i want to copy the template to save time.

Is it possible ?
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Hello Kobik,

Thank you for your feedback!
Unfortunately, it's not possible to clone and copy projects. You can partly facilitate this process by enabling 'Auto attach field' for custom fields. (Administration-> Custom fields-> your field-> Auto attach option)
Also, this can be accomplished with the REST API script. It's possible create a project via REST

Thank you.
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Hi Andrey,

Thank you for your response, i would like to make a suggestion.

Since you track is project tracking tool, it will be nice to have the option to clone a project with it's Agile Board.

For example if a company creates websites the general issues or swim lanes at the agile board are the same for each project.

It can same a lot of time when you have a template project to start from.

In our company(Hardware-Software) it can take us 30-45 min to create new project with all its basic issues and its agile board.

If you'll be able to discuss it it will be grate.

By the way the new AGILE creation is awesome :)
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Hi Kobik,

Thank you for details.
I've investigated your case and would like to provide you with the similar feature requests , , please leave comments and votes.
Speaking to Agile, I beleive it'll be included/partly included in these features implementation.

Thank you.

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