Use issue properties (custom fields values) in a workflow

Hello I have the following task:
I need to change Assignee to logged in user when issue state is changes to In progress. And than when State change to anything else restore the original Assignee.

The main idea is to track time of the different users automatically (developers, pm, testers).
Do you have any recommendations on how to achieve this?

So my problem is how to temporary save the assignee.

I had an idea to create a new field Responsible and when states is change I store an original Assignee in this field. But I can not restore it. Do not know how to access to custom field values
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You can use a couple workflows to achieve it:
rule Set assignee 
when State.becomes({In Progress}) { 
  Assignee = loggedInUser; 
  Responsible = Assignee; 
rule Turn back assignee 
when State.oldValue == {In Progress} { 
  Assignee = Responsible; 

Unfortunately access to the issue history in workflow isn't implemented yet - JT-12687. (2.1KB)
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Thanks Dmitry,
it's working.

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