Github Private Repo; cannot get it to work

All: is there any walk through that explains "really" how to get the github integration to work?  (I apparently need big pictures with arrows because I cannot get this thing to work).

I have had success getting it to apply the settings to the service hook, I see all of my repos just fine; and the service hook appears fine.

When I push to github w/ a remark in the format

[comment] #ISSUE

it never ends up on youtrack (I have the hosted youtrack)

Thanks for any/all help!

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Hello Chris,

Am I right with that you can see you private GitHub repository in YouTrack drop-down? Please, take a look at this reference .
Check that your GitHub user has the same email as the YouTrack user.

Thank you.
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Hi Andrey,

Thanks for your contact.  Yes, correct, I do see my private projects in the YouTrack drop-down.

I did not have my email address(es) aligned!

That was 100% of the problem.  Thanks for your help!

Cheers, Chris

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