Looking for configuration advise - intend to use YouTrack as a solution to run and manage SEO projects

Hello YouTrack team and valuable members of the community!

I have been using intellyj, and PHPstorm for sometime now, and I'm happy I was introduced it jetbrains products.
Because of a great scalability of the software, and the quality and reliability of everything created by JetBrains company, I am thinking of using YouTrack for something it was not designed to do, but may very well work for my purposes.
I would like to use YouTrack as a management software to keep track of SEO projects/services that my company offers to our clients.
Interesting about that particular application is that each SEO, or related project, can be created as a scrum, and individual tasks within that project are usually either very similar from client to client, or absolutely identical.
Steps of SEO project can be classified as bugs that need to be addressed, and can be classified by priority, value, and difficulty.
Does anyone have any suggestions, whitepaper, or went through similar configuration?
Any advise is appreciated!

Thank you,
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Hello Sasha,

Sorry for not responding earlier.
Thank you for your pleasant feedback!
As far as I can see, there are not so much defferences between your process and commob developers' process. Since YouTrack 5, you can create several Agile boards and configure them according to your purposes - what project(s) this board will reflect, visibility settings.
This option makes self ('To-do'- like) process available and implementable. Navigate to Agile settings-> Create new Agile .
Speaking of cycle, default set of custom fields suits your needs.

If it doesn't make sence, please provide us with the description of your common issue life cycle, details about your common process, I'll be able to provide you with the tips of how you can accomplish this.

Thank you.
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