Even root cannot configure Agile Board


We use youtrack5 (5.0.2) and like the new agile board functionality. I created a cross project board called "my sprint" that selects all issues assigned to me across all projects.

I don't know when it vanshed, but I cannot see the "configure" Button any more. Even if I log in as root, who has all permissions (projact admin in all projects), there is no configure Button for this agile board.

What can I do?
Hello Sven,

Please, expand Agile settings (gear at the top right corner) and click on your board name button in front of 'agile board shows issues from projects'

Thank you.
That, exactly is my Problem. The gear icon is not there (see screenshot:
). root has all permissions in all projects. In most of the agile boards the gear icon ist there. Just in two Agile Boards that cut across (~25) projects  the gear icon is missing.

Am I correct with the assumprion that you are not the author of these two boards? Please, ask the author to set 'Change Settings' to 'Project based' (Agile settigs-> Edit Agile-> Change settings).

Thank you.
Hi Andrey,

I was able to reconfigure one agile board where i found the author. It still feels strange to me that root cannot change all agile boards.

Additional Question: Is there a way to see authors of Agileboards? Or for that matter, saved searches? Because if anyone can make saved searches and Angile boards that anyone can see but only they can change, how do I know who to ask for changes?


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