Agile Board Performance Terrible

Good morning,
We currently use YouTrack for our project planning, and have one particular project which contains 54 user stories.  These user stories then contain a host of sub tasks.
We have an Agile board which displays these but the client side performance of the javascript is absolutely terrible.  I've been doing a bit of testing and have noted the following:

1.  When you are not logged in (ie anon), the board loads almost instantly, therefore it must be some of the javascript related to editing actions on the board.
2.  Performance in IE is almost unusable, we have had to make everyone switch to chrome as its V8 Javascript engine is much faster, however it still takes a good 15-20seconds to load the page
3.  Once the board is loaded, performance is fine (ie moving things around, opening and closing tasks etc).  However if you edit a task which triggers a board reload, you wait again.
4.  It makes no difference if all the user stories are collapsed, or open.  Perhaps have a look at disabling whatever javascript is running slowly for user stories which are collapsed down, and only initialising it when they're expanded.

What is even more worrying is that our machines are powerful i7's with 8gig ram.  If we're to open this up to the business as a whole, not everyone is using such a spec machine.

I would really appreciate you looking into this.
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Hello Karl,

I understand your use case and pain you are experiencing with this. We've already investigated performance problems with Agile board and optimised its behaviour. Please take a look at the related issue . Fix will be icluded in 5.0.3 release or next one.

Thank you.

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