How to list bug fixed in date range

Without using the "resolved" parameter, how can I list all my bugs solved (state fixed) for a date range ex. "date fixed: 2013-08-01T00:00 .. 2013-09-07T23:59"

I do not want to use the "updated" field because the bug could be commented after.

Thank you !
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Hello Frankbret,

Very sorry for not responding earlier!
You may search for all solved issues excluding particular states defined as resolved.
For example:
resolved date: 2013-09-10 .. 2013-09-19 -Verified , -Duplicate , -Invalid
So, you have to exclude all values except Fixed.

Thank you.
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Thank you for your answer !

The problem is "Fixed" is not in the "Resolved" group.  It's just before beeing approved by the customer.

So I would like to be able to find the precise date that the bug has been "Fixed".

have a good day !

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