Emails are added as comments when they do not pertain to the same issue

It appears that though your documentation shows...

  • Standard MIME threading by 'message-id'/'in-reply-to'.
  • Reference to the issue id in the subject.
  • Threading by subject, excluding 'Re:', 'Fwd:' and ignoring content within square brackets (the same strategy that GMail uses for threading).

This is not exactly the case, Any time an email from anyone comes in with a matching subject line they are being added as a comment to a ticket.  Different senders, different issues all together.  Only thing that is the same is the 1 word subject which happens to refer to an internal app, so there will be many subject lines the same way.

What do I need to do to solve this?

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Hello Radmanmm

Sorry for the delay with the answer.

May I kindly ask you to provide us with the following:
  • .eml files of the original message and message that became a comment to an issue.
  • screenshots of the issue and its comments.
You may send us the artefacts to
What mail client do you use?

Thank you.

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