Timezone Changing in US

Just trying to understand the timezone setting. Installed YouTrack on my local to play with it. Timezone options had simple US stuff like "America/Chicago".

Decided to go farther with YouTrack and get the Cloud version. Looked in settings and it has a HUGE list of options for timezone, and it appears like it has a multitude of the exact same ones, but "Central Standard Time UTC-5" or "Central Standard Time UTC-6" are the options for my location. But they are BOTH right, just different times of the year. We have the crazy time change twice a year for daylight savings time.

So do we have to change the timezone setting when our clocks change?
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Hello Mr. Pickles,

Sorry for not responding earlier.
Thank you for considereing YouTrack as an issue tracker for your team!
Your case is clear, but I should say default time zone cannot be affected by the server so it doesn't sync time zones when it's the time. The solution is pretty simple, just to sync date twice a year manually.

Thank you and let us know if you have any questions, we'll be happy to help.

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