Email integration doesn't show embedded to email images

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Send an email to Youtrack address
2. Copy and paste image into the body of the message. Not simply attach it

What is the expected result?
The imported issue should have image embedded in the text

What happens instead?
Empty placeholder is shown instead of the image

Prior to Youtrack 5.0 this feature was working fine. With addition of { html } tags emails are imported with those tags and image links are broken.

Not sure where you guys reply faster here or in your implementation of Youtrack. So I created an issue there too:

If there was a way to tell Youtrack to import emails like it was doing prior to version 5, converting text to WIKI markup, that would probably work for us.
Any help would be appreciated. Our clients receive replies from Youtrack and are getting empty images. Left thinking that our system is not working and contacting support again to clarify
Hello Michael,

Your use case is clear and we currently investigate the issue. I've replied under related issue in YouTrack

Thank you.
Well, the issue you quoted was slated fro 5.0.5 version and it's out now. Also, according to the blog post it looks to be the last hot fix release of version 5.

Are we to understand that you are not going to correct this problem?
this is an issue in version 6, too. I think it should be re-opened if it had been previously fixed.

adding this code to the page and execute after render would fix the problem (you can install a browser plugin that allows you to add javascript to any page you want as a temporary fix)

var iii = 0;$('.wiki.picture-mailbox').each(function(){$(this).css('max-width','100%').css('max-height','100%').attr('width',"").attr('height',"").attr('src',$($('.show-img-attach.attach-zoom')[iii]).attr('href'));iii++;})

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