Possible Way To Handle Automated Exception Submissions

I did the following recently, and it looks like it may help with using YouTrack to handle automated exception reporting.

I created a custom integer field that I populate along with the exception, it contains a hash of the exception generated by the submission tool. The goal is to find exact duplicates so only the first few lines of the stack are used in the hash calculation and certain things are ignored.

Then I added a rule to my workflow:  


So if you add an item with the same exception signature it gets marked duplicate. Not perfect, but it can make life easier. Does anyone have anything better, or any input?
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Please look at the related issue JT-627.

I don't think I can suggest something better. You can enhance the workflow by replacing issue.project.issue with project.leader.getIssues(Everything, "#Exception") it should be more optimal by performance.

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