Custom order

Hello YouTrack,

I am evaluating YouTrack and other issue trackers.

I like the concept of custom order.
I have not seen this in other issue trackers and it would be a strong point for choosing YouTrack.

But I have some issues with it and so it is hard to use.

(a) Removing the custom order is done without warning.
In case of a backlog, this is very dangerous.

(b) The blue bar which highlights the custom order is not shown anymore if I reload the page (Chrome).

(c) Ordering does not work correctly with a feature containing tasks and tree view.
(i) Chrome is not updated correctly.
(ii) Sometimes it does not work at all.
(iii) What's about showing the entire container but fading those items which are not in right place?

(d) What's about the feature:
Cloning "saved search" i.e. cloning the custom order.
My use case is backlog management. I can clone the backlog and playing around with the items.
It would be perfect if one can migrate the custom back but this can easily lead to overengineering...

(c) REST API: No function to get custom order.

(e) Click on "saved search" on the right panel
  • > You get (expanded) "saved search" and hence witout custom order
What's about an extra button for expanded mode?

(f) Have a look at TeamCity and the build queue:
Each item of the build queue has a button to put it on top of the queue.
I think this would be helpful for YouTrack as well.

What's about these features/bugs? Do you work on it?


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