Update YouTrack issues from TeamCity comment when running custom build in TeamCity


So I have YouTrack set up and integrated with TeamCity so that it parses VCS comments and I can update issues from those comments. However I would like to be able to run a custom build in TeamCity and be able to add a comment to that custom build (not my VCS) which will update an issue in YouTrack. It seems like this should be possible but I can't work out how, any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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Hello Adam,

Your use case is clear, but unfortunately applying comments directlty to builds is not available.
BTW, how would you like to compile your builds besides VCS ?

Thank you.
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Hi Andrey

We have a single build that uses a Build Parameter (configured as a select list) to control which environment to deploy to with the following build steps:

1) Build the solution
2) Run unit tests
3) Deploy database
4) Deploy web application

By default the build is run on every VCS checkin with a build parameter of Development which deploys the DB and web to our development environment. In order to deploy to either our QA or Production environment we run a custom build and choose the appropriate enfironment from the select list like so:


We're trying to work out a way to at this point set all the issues that we are releasing to QA to their appropriate state and assign them ot the appropriate assignee.

Any suggestions would be awesome


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