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I'm very new to youtrack and I have two requirements which are not solved in the basic version.

1.) Is it possible to change the status of the parent-issue if all child-issues have an status? For example if all child-issues are fixed - it is possible that the parent-issue is also fixed automatically?

2.) I have created a user defined field "estimated story points" for the scrum-process. I want to see this information in the board. Is it possible to add this information automatically to the summary (of issues with type = story), for example "summary [5]"?

Thanks for some help!

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  1. Please consider the workflow that automatically sets the lowest state of subtasks to the parent task - JT-18908.
  2. You can select an 'integer' estimation field in the agile board settings, it'll be shown on each card right top corner. Please look at the reference.

If it's unsuitable for some reason you can use the simple workflow:
rule estimation 
when Estimation.oldValue == null && Estimation.changed { 
  summary = summary + " [" + Estimation + "]"; 

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