New pricing scheme for YouTrack InCloud

Dear all,

I always held jetbrains in high regards for innovative products at reasonable prices. This has changed now that I feel deceived by the pricing change for YouTrack InCloud. In case you don't know, previously the pricing scheme consisted of packages with a certain number of users and reporters, e.g. in our case 15 users and 150 reporters. We recently reached our limit of reporters and wanted to upgrade to the next higher plan. We did so, but we were not told that there is no distinction any more between users and reporters in the new pricing scheme and the next suitable package would be now for 500 users and a factor ten more expensive.
Since we were not informed at all about this change and even after explicitly asking why there are problems with signing up into our YouTrack instance, we did not get proper answers. We are certain that the contract of purchase is invalid since it was based on deceit. We are looking into freeware solutions now. We were in the process of evaluating TeamCity at the moment but we will cancel that since we cannot exclude to be tricked there as well.

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15 people fixing issues against 150+ people reporting issues. Sounds like you're using it as a support platform instead of a bug tracker.
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Seems to be just a matter of naming convention. Also it works really well for us that way.  We are using it the same way as jetbrains is using it themselves for their products
so it cannot be that wrong..
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I can really relate to this problem. Prices went up so dramatically that I think we would have made a different choice when decided to switch to Youtrack. I feel ambushed...
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Hello All,

We've changed our pricing model almost a year ago (January, 2013). It was mentioned in our official blog , several times in twitter and via other media channels.
In all cases, I'd like to apologize for the inconvenience, you might experienced.

To clarify the situation, I'd like to note, that all plans with reporters were saved without changes. If your plan was subscribed before January, 2013, and you decided to prolong the subscription, then it's possible. Another case, if you would like to change your plan, then you'll be warned with the message about removing reporters from our pricing model. That's not a 'silent upgrade' without a declaration. We warn you during the upgrade process to allow you to make a decision once again.

We are sorry if it affects you, but we tried to announce these changes thru every official YouTrack channel, almost a year ago. I don't see any tricks here.

We'll be happy to discuss with you the most rational plan and to suggest you how it's better to upgrade your subscription.

BTW, if we speak about other trackers, please note that we have our Agile board included in plan, without any additional prices. The most of others, have no such availability.

Thank you and feel free to contact us, if need an assistance at any point.

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