Agile Board: Project not showing in drop-down

YouTrack 5.0 build #7220

I recently created a new project, some issues, some versions. As expected, under Issues the project is listed along with all the past projects I created. Yet under Agile Board I find the project is not listed under the drop-down - and I've failed to find out why. So this means I can't create an agile board for the new project.


Thx in advance
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Hi Mike,

Since YouTrack 5.0 we have Agile Boards instead of projects on Agile. You may add several projects to be reflected on a board or just one project per single board.
Navigate to Agile-> click on Cretae button-> Agile on a drop down menu. Configure your board. To edit the board expand Agile settings (gear icon)-> click on board name at the left corner-> configure the board.

Thank you.

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