Show sum of estimation in parent task

YouTrack shows the spend time on a parent task as the sum of its subtasks. However it does not do the same for the Estimation times. (Or is there any setting to activate that?)

I'm trying to make a workflow to do that but I don't know how to sum the Estimations. So far my code looks like this:

rule sumAllSubtaskEstimates 

when <issue created or updated> { 
  for each parent in subtask of { 
    var estimateSum; 
    for each child in parent.parent for { 
      estimateSum += child.Estimation; //this gives an error

But I cannot sum over the estimation field because that does not seem to be an integer...

What would be the correct way to sum up all Estimations?
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Hi Gabriel,

unfortunately it hasn't implemented yet, please follow

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