Workflow is not recognizing my custom fields

Hi all,

My workflow was working fine but recently I started to get errors.

For example, I have that rule :

rule Require Hours Worked

when State.changed {
  if (State == {Dev Complete}) {
    assert Hours Worked != null: "Error! You must assign a value first.";

It is not recognizing Hours Worked. It is in my all projects, I know I have it and it was working fine so far.

This is the error I am getting :

Warning: Type t2 was not calculated
Error: No children in role "operation"(declared cardinality is 1)

Also in some fields I am getting "out of search scope" error.

Hi Gokhan,

Did you try to update your custom field schema? Click on 'Download workflows from server' icon in YouTrack Workflow Editor.

Thank you.
Of course. I am downloading and updating always
Ok I found the problem. You have to apply your custom field to all projects. After I set up someone else added new project and forgot to add this custom field.

So I have another question, is there any method to check if this field exists?
Actually such method would be senseless - only those fields are available for a workflow rule that are attached to project this rule is attached to.

In other words all issue fields are always available statically in the workflow language (by Ctrl+Space).

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