API calls for agile board and sprints

Hi guys,

I didn't see any documentation about API calls related to agile board and sprint.
I figured out couple of them "youtrack/rest/agile/agiles", "/youtrack/rest/agile/{project-id}/sprints" but I need more.
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Hello Gokhan,

Sorry for not responding earlier!
This area is in process of implementation. It's not documented yet. Very few of them are available now. Please note, almost all data from Agile board is available via other rest methods.
Please, list several methods/use cases you wish to use and we'll discuss does it seem to be possible to provide you with something we already have.

Thank you.
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Data related to project is available but in the documentation there is nothing related to sprints and agile board. Two methods I posted on top are the ones I figured out by myself, it is not in the documentation.

For this method "/youtrack/rest/agile/Test+Project-110/sprints" I would love to bring sprints by using project id or project name. I dont know there to get this "Test+Project-110", it is combination of project name and a number.

Also I found two ways to get sprints. First one is "/youtrack/rest/agile/Test+Project-110/sprints" and the second one is "/youtrack/rest/admin/project/{project-id}/agile/"

The information from that two calls doesn't match each other. In first call I have one sprint in the second call I have 3 sprints. I think second one keeps sprints even if I delete them.

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