Agile Board: Issues in the 'Fixed' state are not appearing on the board

After I move(drag) an issue from 'In Progress' to 'Fixed' on the Agile Board and then refresh the page the issue disappears from the 'Fixed' lane. It doesnt matter if I mark it as fixed some other way either.

The issue appears on the left hand side (the backlog) in both states (In Progress and Fixed)

What is going on?

Please, provide us with the screenshot of your Agile board settings.
What do you mean by ' in both states (In Progress and Fixed)' ?
Issue appears in backlog when Fix version becomes 'Unscheduled' . May it be the case, you remove the fix version from the task ?

Thank you.
andrey, can I send you some screenshots via email ?
What do you mean by ' in both states (In Progress and Fixed)' ?

Firstly, we use a new field I named 'Sprint' and under the board settings this is the field I use to identify sprints.
So to answer the question above, I was trying to say that the bug appears in the backlog search before dragging it onto the board - in fact, after I drag the bug from 'In Progress' to 'Fixed (on the board) and hit refresh the bug goes back into the backlog even tho it has the `Sprint` field equal to the current sprint!

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