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I can't get the e-mail comment functionality to work. When I comment on a issue in YouTrack, the user that reported that issue will get an email. So far, so good.
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The user laters tries to add a comment by just answering the email.
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Instead of adding a comment on the issue (in this case TF-527), YouTrack adds a whole new Issue for this.
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Is it possible to get YouTrack to add responses as comment? I have read something about it here http://www.jetbrains.com/youtrack/features/issue_tracking.html but I can't find any configuration for it. Is there any one who can give me a hint on where to find information?
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Hello Henrik,

Please, take a look at the general Mailbox integration reference and guide How to track feedback using mailbox integration.
As far as I can see, there are two different projects - TF and I. I is that one, which is used with mailbox integration so when you send a message to 'Samtanke AB - Support' address, issue is created in I project. If you would like to be able to answer to notifications and use mailbox integration, that project should be mentioned in mailbox integration settings.

Thank you.
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Thank you a lot. I thought that the system did a over all check to resolve a "global" issue-responses first, then processed the project rules.

I have now setup some rules that will try to sort the e-mail to the correct projekt by looking at the header before processing the rules in YT. We want to have one e-mailaddress for all our communications, and that comments on a certain issue (regardless project) will find it's way back to the correct issue. That work's fine.

The I-porject I have set up is a "catch all"-project where issues that does not match any rule will end up.

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