Agile Board Wrong Between Board and Graph

I have an Agile Board setup that displays a certain type of tickets, etc. It is a saved item. When I view the board, it clearly states that I have 15 tickets with a state of "New", but when I look at the chart of the same board, it shows that there are 21. Board shows 15+4+3+0 in the categories, and the chart shows ??+4+3+0. Refresh the graph and such doesn't work. It is just wrong.

Anyone shed any light on this issue? I attached a PDF showing the screen grabs. Might be tough to see, but it works.
Agile Board Differences.pdf (130KB)
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Hi Mr. Pickles,

Sorry for the delay.
You may compare number of issues in each state with number of issues reflected to this state on your comulative flow, for given time periods.
May it be the case that several tasks were removed from current sprint (Fix version value was removed from the tasks) one day?

Thank you.

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