SSL Certificate

I already wrote via the online form, but nobody answered since the past week.

I hope the community forum will give me a faster answer,m because I've been stuck in the last days.

I'm trying to enable SSL support for my inCloud account but when I click in the link at "To set up certificates and private key, you should switch to HTTPS", it says "HTTPS is supported in paid version only.".

So, I am a paid customer of course: what should I do?
I've paid for the SSL certificate and I'd like to be able to use it.

Also, since I don't know what else I will be asked once this issue is fixed, my provider, in order to setup the certificate, asks to "Enter your Certificate Signing Request (CSR)": will I find that?
If not, can I get some help on setting-up my certificate via GoDaddy?
That's the first SSL certificate I ever bough so I really need help on that.


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