Limiting the fields retrieved by a issue search and re-ordering them


Just trialing YouTrack in my company and so far very impressed with its capabilities.  :)  However, I hope you can clear up a question I have.

We run a bug fix meeting each day to assess which fixes will go in the next day's release.  I search the issues for states I am interested in and then extract to CSV file for the team to review.  However I do need to re-factor the CSV each time to remove fields I am not interested in and re-order the columns to one that suits our needs.

It would be really useful if I could:
  • limit the fields I retrieve and only include those I am interested in e.g. I do not need to 'Votes' or 'Project' field or some custom fields we have set up.
  • re-order the fields I am extracting.  At the moment the columns do not appear in the order I'd like.

Is there any way I could do this in YouTrack and save to a report as it would save me some messing around each day.

Any advice appreciated.



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